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Crystal Bioscience and Open Monoclonal Technology Announce Human Antibody Strategic Alliance – Open Monoclonal Technology Introduces “OmniAb™” Integrated Antibody Discovery Suite
Palo Alto and Emeryville, CA, December 4, 2012

Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT) and Crystal Bioscience, Inc. (Crystal) today announced a strategic alliance where OMT will access Crystal’s deep antibody screening technology, Gel-Encapsulated Microenvironment (GEM. With this transaction, OMT formally launches “OmniAb™”, a new integrated antibody discovery suite with superior protein and DNA immunization, OMT’s proprietary OmniRat™ transgenic animals, and the GEM deep antibody screening technology.

The GEM technology facilitates “minimal loss” identification of all antibodies with specific target and other therapeutically relevant characteristics across large lymphocyte populations and greatly reduces the time and cost associated with identification of candidate therapeutic antibodies. The assay involves bringing single antibody-secreting lymphocytes in proximity with cell or bead reporters within each GEM. The antibodies can diffuse locally within the GEM, bind to the reporters, and be detected visually or with secondary antibodies. Each GEM may contain multiple reporters for single-step differentiation of therapeutic features.

Dr. Roland Buelow, Founder and CEO of OMT, said: "OMT has already validated its OmniRat™ transgenic animal platform and protein and DNA immunization technologies across a range of therapeutic targets with global pharmaceutical, biotech and R&D services companies. By bringing in the GEM technology, we now offer our partners an industry-leading human antibody discovery suite, OmniAb™.”

Rob Etches, Crystal Bioscience CEO, said: “State-of-the-art therapeutic antibody discovery hinges upon pairing the most comprehensive human immune repertoire with the most efficient, minimal-loss antibody identification method available. We believe OmniRat’s human antibody repertoires and the GEM assay provide exactly such premier combination.”

About Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc.
Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT) is a leader in genetic engineering of animals for the development of human therapeutic antibodies - naturally optimized human antibodies™. OMT has created OmniRat™, the first fully human monoclonal antibody platform based on transgenic rats. OmniRat employs an improved understanding of B cell development and a new approach to inactivation of endogenous antibody expression. These transgenic animals make antibodies as efficiently as do wild type animals. OmniRat represents a novel and proprietary technology with unrestricted development options for fully human monoclonal antibodies, available worldwide for all targets and indications. OMT also develops a transgenic mouse, OmniMouse™, to complement OmniRat and further increase epitope coverage in human antibody development. OmniAb™ integrates proven protein and DNA immunization, OmniRat and OmniMouse transgenic animals, and Gel-Encapsulated Microenvironment (GEM) deep antibody screening technologies into an industry-leading antibody discovery suite available to partners globally.

Crystal Bioscience, Inc.
Crystal Bioscience is a leader in avian transgenesis and designs and implements technologies that improve therapeutic antibody discovery. The company’s most recent antibody discovery tool uses Gel Encapsulated Microenvironments (GEMs) to isolate candidate monoclonal antibodies with unprecedented efficiency and speed. Using novel repertoires and pairing them with the GEM technology, candidate therapeutics with appropriate biological and biophysical characteristics are identified directly from B cells. Crystal’s proprietary transgenic technologies are being utilized in combination with the GEM technology to derive monoclonal antibodies from chickens that are genetically engineered to produce fully human immunoglobulins. Crystal’s unique approach opens new opportunities in therapeutic antibody discovery.

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