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Cambridge Healthtech Associates™ Announces Open Monoclonal Technology as Inaugural Signature Award™ Winner
Signature Award recognizes life sciences companies developing unique technologies NEEDHAM, Massachusetts – May 21, 2012

Cambridge Healthtech Associates™ (CHA™) today announced that Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT) is the winner of its inaugural Signature Award™.

The Signature Award honors organizations with promising biotechnologies, judged on the following criteria: 1) value proposition to the marketplace and 2) market or partner readiness. OMT competed with 38 emerging companies for this prestigious award.

“We at Cambridge Healthtech Associates recognize the challenges in the healthcare industry and that is why we created the Signature Award to honor innovative thinkers in life sciences discovery. The award illuminates breakthrough technologies and we are delighted to recognize OMT and its novel antibody platform,” said Dawn Van Dam, General Manager, Cambridge Healthtech Associates.

“We are pleased to win the Signature Award for OMT’s OmniRat antibody platform”, said Dr. Roland Buelow, Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Director, Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT).”The OmniRat® is a new technology that generates fully human antibodies with great specificity, affinity and manufacturability. Drug-development companies are looking for technologies that can eliminate timeconsuming humanization of antibodies or optimization of leads identified using display technology. OMT’s OmniRats® can save significant development time and are available for all targets.”

As a winner of this award, OMT receives a complimentary thought leadership webinar in conjunction with one of CHA’s online communities – The Drug Safety Executive Council™ or NGS Leaders™.

About CHA
Cambridge Healthtech Associates™ (CHA™) uses its unique collaborative model to improve the speed, economics and effectiveness of life science research and development, leveraging its consulting, technology evaluations and communities to help clients in the industry achieve their individual goals. Read more at Cambridge Healthtech Associates organizes two online communities: NGS Leaders™ ( is an online community for people working in nextgeneration sequencing, genomics, bioinformatics and the Drug Safety Executive Council™ (, an online community focused on the development of better and safer medicines.

About Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT)
Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (“OMT”) is a private biotechnology company that has developed a new, fully human monoclonal antibody platform using transgenic rats. OMT’s OmniRat® antibody platform is the result of a novel approach to the inactivation of endogenous antibody expression and an
improved understanding of B-cell development. OMT's OmniRat® is a unique and proprietary technology platform with unrestricted development options for fully human monoclonal antibodies. The technology is patent protected and has broad freedom to operate.


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Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT)
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