Roland Buelow, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Director has worked in biotechnology for over twenty years and has extensive pharmaceutical experience (see He has published more than 100 manuscripts and is an inventor on over 25 patents.

Marianne Br├╝ggemann, Ph.D., Director of Research, has been a senior researcher at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, UK, and scientific advisor for OMT since 2008. Her work on the expression of human antibody repertoires in transgenic mice led to a 1988 patent, held jointly by the Research Councils. She has nearly a hundred publications, a considerable number of granted patents and her expertise is on antibody transgenesis, translocus construction on artificial chromosomes and knock-out technology.

Michael J. Osborn, Ph.D., Senior Scientist.

Biao Ma, Ph.D., Senior Scientist.

Suzanne Avis, BSc, Senior Research Assistant.

Jasvinder Hayre, Research Associate.